Action Leasing

Lease Better, Faster, Higher, Further

Session Length:
approximately 30 minutes

Target Audience:
Leasing Consultants, Leasing Managers, Supervisors of Leasing Personnel

Program Cost:

Session Description:

Action Leasing is designed to engage the new Leasing Consultant and inspire the skilled Specialist who wants extra tips towards up-up-and-away Superhero Leasing status.  This class will provide you tools to propel your leasing presentation into high gear.  Learn “action and adventure” leasing techniques to transform yourself into a SuperLeaser!

  • Learn the 5 steps to a superior sales presentation
  • Add physical and mental ACTION to the leasing experience
  • Identify the 30-second Danger Zone and how it impacts your presentation
  • Ask strategic questions to help direct and connect
  • Be planned without being canned:  Learn the FAB-T style
  • Plan interaction and participation opportunities for your prospects
  • Create a memorable experience on the tour
  • Consider the close as the beginning rather than the end
  • Incorporate user-friendly closing questions to get more “yes” answers

About The Author/ Presenter:

Leah Brewer, NALP, CAM, also known as The Leasing Queen, has developed effective methods to increase apartment occupancies in her 25+ industry years, from a leasing consultant to a consultant for leasing.  With battlefield experience in leasing, management and marketing, Leah ensures that the skills she teaches have been tested and tried first-hand.   Leah remains actively involved in her local and state Apartment Associations and is a nationally recognized Speaker.  She is the founder of the original Full House Marketing® and the Apartment Skillbuilder Series, and co-founder of®

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