Brand our courses, or let us help you build your own.  Check out these ideas to maximize your association’s education objectives and earn more revenue for your organization. 

Branding Our Courses

Our courses can be your courses.  While all are online courses are available to upload FREE to your LMS as a revenue-share opportunity, you may choose to brand any or all of them with your association’s logo on the handouts and at the beginning of the course for an additional $250.

Building Your Courses

You have many Subject Matter Experts in your association.  The staff at Skillbuilder Online can help you create courses from your experts in maintenance, compliance, customer service, carpet cleaning, mold remediation, beg bugs, leasing skills….the list is endless.  Let us help you create short courses in any topic, written by anyone, to add to your course catalog.

We can be involved in every step, or simply produce your final product, and e-learning course.  Consider where you need professional assistance:

  • Instructional Design of the program
  • Creating learning activities, storylines or scenarios
  • Creating a knowledge assessment
  • Writing the script and creating graphics and screens
  • Audio recording, video or animations
  • Producing the course
  • Hosting the course on our LMS and/or uploading it to yours

Revenue For You

You have a Learning Management System; now it’s time to add more content and courses and increase your passive income stream.  Skillbuilder Online has partnered withindustrygiants to develop industry-specific courses to upload to your LMS.  Enjoy this no-risk opportunity to provide additional quality education at affordablerates to your members.  Here’s three ways to make income:
  1.  Sell a 2-year sponsorship for the course and we will work with the Sponsor to develop their sponsorship opportunity including:
  • Up to a 2-minute commercial at the beginning of the course (we can help produce this for an additional cost to the Sponsor)
  • Sponsor logo will be embedded in the e-learning player to be viewed during the length of the presentation
  • Sponsor will be acknowledged at the beginning of the presentation next to the Association’s logo and information
  • Ready-to-print graphics for a marketing piece for both Sponsor and Association to help market the course with logos, course description, call to action, etc.

The suggested rate for a 2-year sponsorship is $1250-$2000 per course.  The investment for customizing the presentation as an Association offering along with embedding the Sponsor’s informational material is $1000.  The Association keeps the difference!

  1.  Share the revenue each time the course is viewed by your members.  You set the price and pay a small royalty per view to Skillbuilder Online, LLC.  Royalty amounts are determined by the topic and the length of each course, and we will suggest a price-per-view for your members.  Skillbuilder Online will keep tally and invoice your Association periodically.  Ultimately, you set the price and the Association keeps the difference.
  2. Prefer a turn-key revenue sharing option?  We can secure the Sponsorship directly, then upload the finished course onto your LMS, so there are no upfront fees at all!  You set the price, pay a royalty per view and still share revenue each time the course is viewed.