Multicultural in Multifamily

Sell and Serve Your Global Consumers

Session Length:
approximately 40 minutes 

Target Audience:
Leasing, Maintenance, Managers, Corporate Supervisory Staff

Program Cost:

Session Description:

Part One of Four – This is the first of a four-part series dedicated to educating multifamily professionals on how to better sell, serve and retain multicultural employees, prospects and residents.

  • Define “culture” and what it includes
  • Understand Stereotypes vs. Cultural Differences
  • Assess Ethnocentrism and Cultural Conditioning
  • Identify cultural values or beliefs for mainstream Americans
  • Evaluate differences between Melting Pot and Salad Bowl ideas
  • Celebrate differences in culture, thinking and actions

About The Author/ Presenter:

Rebecca Rosario, NALP, CAM, celebrates over 20 years in her property management career spanning from a leasing consultant to a regional director.  Her experience on-site, corporate and marketing makes Rebecca the ideal consultant and training expert in helping each client create their own “full house”.  Rebecca is now President and “Leasing Queen” of Full House Marketing® in North Carolina, with offices in Raleigh and Charlotte.

Rebecca is actively involved in four North Carolina NAA affiliate associations.  In addition to earning her NALP and CAM designations, she volunteers time to teach NALP, CAM and CAPS modules.  She is on the faculty of NAAEI, graduating from their Advanced Instructor Training.

Contact Rebecca:

919-362-6282 or 1-866-29TRAIN



About The Guest Presenter:

Leah Brewer, NALP, CAM, also known as The Leasing Queen, has developed effective methods to increase apartment occupancies in her 25+ industry years, from a leasing consultant to a consultant for leasing.  With battlefield experience in leasing, management and marketing, Leah ensures that the skills she teaches have been tested and tried first-hand.   Leah remains actively involved in her local and state Apartment Associations and is a nationally recognized Speaker.  She is the founder of the original Full House Marketing® and the Apartment Skillbuilder Series, and co-founder of®

Contact Leah: