Create Your Own Courses

Customize your own course content to add to your branded library of online courses.

E-learning options and courses abound inside and outside the property management industry.  However, there are many times that your company’s unique needs differ and require a unique message or learning opportunity.  For example, creating your New Hire Orientation as a web-based on-demand course frees up your management or Human Resources staff and helps onboard new team members while you deliver your message consistently, timely and affordably.

The staff at SkillbuilderOnline excels at helping you create, record and publish your custom course content.  To help you think through the process of creating custom courses, consider these steps:

  1. Identify your goal of the course.  Determine what people need to do to reach that goal and why they aren’t doing it.
  2. Identify activities that will help people practice doing what they need to do and what information they will need.

Consider these questions:

  • What do you see that tells you there is a performance problem?  Can it be measured?
  • To what business goal will the learning contribute?
  • What do learners know now, what skills do they have now?
  • What new information or skills do they need to perform the required actions?
  • Why would they want to perform the needed actions?
  • Does anything in the workplace prevent the learner from taking the required actions?
  • How will we know if we’ve succeeded?

Our staff is certified in E-Learning Instructional Design and Creative Training Techniques.  We’ll help you analyze your needs and create learning experiences designed to change performance, not just knowledge.

Please contact us directly with your custom course topics and ideas.

  1. Choose an existing course.
  2. Review the course and request any minor changes or additions to line up with your company’s culture and conduct, policies and procedures.
  3. Work with Skillbuilder staff to create your unique course introduction through video, audio or graphics.  Consider a video message from your leader or a gallery of photos of your properties with a custom audio message.
  4. Send your logo for insertion into the handouts and attachments.
  5. Send any additional attachments, job aids or graphics to incorporate into the course.

The staff at SkillbuilderOnline excels at helping you brand our courses as your company’s curriculum.