Custom Branded Courses

Create your own company’s “university” by branding available courses with your company’s logo; attach custom job aids and handouts, and record an exclusive message from your leader for maximum buy-in from your staff.  Communicate to your team that you are committed to learning, and begin to build your branded library of online courses.

  1. Choose an existing course.
  2. Review the course and request any minor changes or additions to line up with your company’s culture and conduct, policies and procedures.
  3. Work with Skillbuilder staff to create your unique course introduction through video, audio or graphics.  Consider a video message from your leader or a gallery of photos of your properties with a custom audio message.
  4. Send your logo for insertion into the handouts and attachments.
  5. Send any additional attachments, job aids or graphics to incorporate into the course.

The staff at SkillbuilderOnline excels at helping you brand our courses as your company’s curriculum.

Please contact us directly for pricing information.