Finance Basics for Property Managers

The Journey from Property Management to Investment Management.

Session Length:
Appr. 60 minutes in 3 modules

Target Audience:
Any property management professional

Program Cost:
$99.00 for whole course or $39.00 for each module

Learning Outcomes:
In this course participants will learn the basics of a finance as it applies to investment management. Participants will learn: basic investment and accounting principles, how to read a financial statement, and the importance of NOI.

Session Description:
A financial statement is more than just a bunch of numbers in rows and columns; it is the great American novel to a property manager. Having the ability to decode and interpret this “foreign language” is not only an essential skill in our world it is what sets apart the mildly successful manager from the wildly successful manager. The world of Property Management is changing at an ever quickening pace, so it stands to reason that today’s property manager must be changing just as quickly. The days of yesteryear are gone and today’s property manager must be evolving into an investment manager. A manager today must be proactive to stay ahead of this ever changing world. In this program property managers will begin their metamorphosis from operationally focused managers to investment managers and will be armed with the skills and techniques to make and influence decisions based on long term strategies. Participants will make the transition from resident advocates to owner’s advocates. At the conclusion of this course, participants gain the tools and perspectives to be able to:

• Effectively evaluate daily decisions that lead to greater NOI and ultimately value

• Be able to articulate the return on investment of the decisions that they make and influence

• Analyze and annotate variances in a way that is thoughtful and insightful to arm the ultimate decision makers with accurate data and knowledge to enhance the assets value

• Understand the effect that they and their team have on the NOI and be able to understand that the best competition that they have is themselves on a same store basis

• Have the knowledge to understand the effect that decisions that they make have on overall value and the long term success of the investment

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