Focused on Fair Housing

Session Length:

approximately 45 minutes 

Target Audience:

ALL on-site and central office staff; anyone who speaks to a current or future resident, guest or another employee; primary audience is newly hired employees 

Program Cost:


Session Description:

Take the fear out of Fair Housing laws through better understanding of their creation, purpose and implementation.  This quick course is designed primarily for new hires and can be used as a refresher course for veteran industry professionals as well.  The course content will help the learner understand what issues, questions, comments and requests could be governed by fair housing guidelines.   You will learn:

  • How historical events shaped current housing laws and amendments
  • Definitions of the seven federally protected classes
  • Additional protected classes to be aware of
  • When to accommodate individuals with specific needs and requests
  • Management practices that help avoid lawsuits
  • Fair Housing compliance in advertising
  • Your personal involvement and accountability
  • How to apply Fair Housing knowledge to how you do business today
  • Current examples and case studies
  • Ten Commandments of Fair Housing
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