Harassment Awareness and Prevention in the Workplace

Authors: Leah Brewer and Rich George

Session Length: 25 minutes 

Target Audience: All on-site team members and central office supervisors and support staff 

Program Cost: $79 

Session Description: 

Workplace harassment, hostile environment and bullying are serious threats to a successful team, employee retention and satisfaction.  Are you committed to creating a workplace environment that is free of bias, prejudice and harassment – an environment that supports, nurtures and rewards career advancement on the basis of ability and performance?   

 The course is delivered in 4 sections that can be viewed in any order: 

I. Harassment Defined 

II. Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment 

III. Other Forms of Prohibited Harassment 

IV. Your Responsibility to Respond 


In addition, discover answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Workplace Harassment, such as: 

    • Why should I be concerned? 
    • Who can be a victim of harassment? 
    • If I experience or witness workplace harassment, what should I do? 
    • What if I don’t want to communicate directly with the offender?  
    • What if I am being harassed by my supervisor? 
    • What is the best way to report an incident of harassment? 
    • Will the information be kept confidential? 
    • What if I’m worried someone won’t believe me? 
    • What if I am accused of Harassment  
  • What about retaliation? 


Harassment policies apply to everyone: supervisors, employees and even non-employees.  The effects of harassment may vary from person to person, and are contingent on the severity, and duration.  Harassment can have both professional and personal consequences for both the victim and the harasser.  At the end of this course, the learner will feel confident in their role in creating and participating in a harassment-free workplace.   

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