Leadership Development Series

Session Length: 3 hours

Author: Anne Sadovsky

Target Audience: All supervisors and those who aspire to be

Program Cost: $199

Session Description: The Leadership Development Series was recorded during Anne Sadovsky’s live seminars at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. Anne presented three workshops to an exclusive audience of invited guests. Now you have the opportunity to watch and listen to Anne’s seminar just as if you were a part of that meeting at Georgia Tech. Recommended for All Team Members who supervise others or aspire to do so, including Management, Leasing, Maintenance and Corporate Personnel.

Course 1: Be the Leader They Want to Follow

Duration: 60 Minutes

Anne will show you the role of a leader in today’s society. You will learn that today’s leader is dramatically different from leaders of past generations. We will explore the challenges you face while leading in today’s society, and what skills you will need to succeed in a leadership role. We will examine how to develop your own leadership characteristics and become a person that others want to follow. Learn to inspire loyalty from the associates whom you supervise by meeting their unique needs and making them feel that their contributions matter.

Course 2: Generational Differences

Duration: 60 Minutes

Study the characteristics of four generations present in the U.S workplace today, and explore the challenges and opportunities created by a multigenerational workforce. Learn to lead each generation according to their unique needs, desires and characteristics. We will discover what makes each group tick, what motivates them, and what brings them satisfaction in their careers.  To be an effective leader, it is important that you understand the generational differences in order to supervise members of each group effectively. 

Course 3: Communication & Motivation

Duration: 60 Minutes

Focus on your leadership style and fine-tune your communication skills so that you may inspire the best possible performance from your team members.  When you do so, you’ll be rewarded with satisfied, motivated employees and a successful work environment. Discover how to maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of your team members to create a successful work environment. Enhance your communication skills in order to support your interactions with associates and clients.

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