PRECISE Customer Service

Authors: Rich George and Leah Brewer

Session Length: 40 minutes

Target Audience: All on-site team members and central office supervisors

Program Cost: $79

Session Description: Is the customer always right? Of course not…but the customer is always the customer! This course promotes seven attributes and four tools for PRECISE Customer Service, which leads to Resident Retention, through seven animated scenarios of real-life situations that occur at apartment communities every day. Scenarios are viewed from a first-person perspective, each through the eyes of different onsite staff member including maintenance, management and leasing. Following each scenario, a “What would you do?” question is posed, with feedback for each choice including the “best practices” answer along with the customer service tools and resources each learner can adopt. Industry experts Rich George and Leah Brewer will give “Thoughts from the Coach” at the end of each scenario to explain the “why” of each service expectation.

Scenarios will include industry-specific, on-site situations such as:

    • How do you effectively hide your frustration when you hear the same complaint over and over, and over…and over?
    • What should you do when you get cussed out, and where do you draw the line when the conversation turns to physical or verbal aggression?
    • if the boss is on the phone and a resident enters your office, who gets priority attention?
    • How should you handle an irate resident who is calling for the same service request…for the third time?
    • Should a maintenance technician fix obvious needs in an apartment if they are not on the work order?
    • If a resident has fallen down, should you help them up or is there a better response?
    • Tools and resources to resolve conflict and service issues include:
    • “Can’t-can-can” – how to tell a resident or prospect what you cannot do, followed by two things you can do
    • Prioritizing your attention between supervisors, prospects, residents, colleagues and other staff, and vendors
    • How and when to “Underpromise and Overperform”
    • Common sense – making decisions intentionally and on-purpose
    • The “Power of 3” to defuse difficult situations and irate people
  • Prioritizing work flow for maintenance

Applying good customer service is so much more than what we think; it involves what we do. Learners will demonstrate decision-making skills for real-life customer service scenarios. Consider service options along with their consequences in making thoughtful, intentional decisions for PRECISE Customer Service.

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